Monday, 24 March 2014
I’m feeling a little depressed right now, so I’m going to react to The Bride of Frankenstein in a different light.
Nobody wants to be rejected. We all want to be recognized not just by the ones we care about, but also by everyone we encounter everyday. We want to look presentable everytime we show ourselves in public. My point is, we all want to feel accepted.
Anyway, The Bride Of Frankenstein is a movie adaptation of Mary Shelly’s novel. In the film, Frankenstein was a monster created from the different body parts of several dead people, contrary to Mary Shelly’s version wherein Frankenstein was actually the scientist who created the monster.
In the film, the scientist attempted to create a girl version of Frankenstein so Frankenstein wouldn’t be lonely. Unfortunately, when the girl monster was finally created, she didn’t like Frankenstein. And that brings us back to my very first point. I really felt sad for Frankenstein. There are only the two of them and yet, his supposed-to-be wife didn’t like him! Just imagine how tragic that is :( I think neither  the bride nor Frankenstein is the monster in the film. It’s actually the mad scientist who is actually really mad for thinking of doing such things. >.<

The movie, in a way, is immoral. Bringing someone back from the dead is already immoral in itself, how much more creating two monsters with the use of random body parts from random dead people. It’s gross! Also, it’s not right because supposedly, only the powerful One can make a living creature.


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